Egro Model 5511

EGRO MODEL 5511: Grinds, Tamps, Brews, and Extracts premium espresso at the touch of one Button.

Download Egro 5511 cut sheet

Superior Tasting Espresso:

Two Built-in ditting grinders:
deliver fresh perfectly ground coffee on demand with the simple touch of one button   

Two independently controlled pistons
: better control of tamping pressure, and grams per cup

Complete pre-infusion control:
ability to set and store custom pre-infusion settings for each product, including amount of pre-brew water, and amount of delay before extraction resulting in high quality consistent product every time you press the button

Deep brew chamber: this translates to a deeper bed depth for optimal extraction quality

100% custom software: all software has been written by Egro’s own software engineers allowing for more options than “out of the box” software programs.

Easy to Operate:
Auto shut-off steam wand:
guarantees consistent steaming temperature, quantity of foam and freshness in every cup

Automated daily cleaning program: fast and easy 2 button cleaning program, no need for special brushes and lengthy manual cleaning

Service alert: notifies operators that it is time for a routine preventative maintenance service

Stylish Design:
Stylish finish
: glossy metallic sport’s car like finish that is durable and sure to match any decor. Custom colors are available by special order 

Trendy compact design: takes up very little counter space: Measures only 12 inches wide! Aesthetically pleasing design for front of the house placement

Adjustable Espresso Spout: accommodates all drink sizes - from shot glass to travel mug

Service Friendly:
100% Stainless steel brewing unit: guarantees longer life preventing unnecessary service calls

Easy access to components: brewing group is located immediately inside front door which enables service calls to be done quickly and efficiently, resulting in less billable service

Complete service monitoring:  service technician can diagnose problems from software, eliminating the standard “trial and error” methods of repairing equipment, which makes troubleshooting any problems simple and lower service costs

No need for special tools: this means less service cost and time